Office Cleaning Service

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Our quality cleaning service is what keeps us in a lasting relationship with our customers, and that’s not all. Our services can be 100% modified to fit your needs. 

Efficiency, Quality, Security, Integrity, Reliability

Our Cleaning products include HEPA Vacuums, Microfiber Mitts,  Microfiber Cloths, Microfiber Dusters,  Pumice Stones, Environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

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Attention to Detail and a Spotless Reputation

How often your office gets cleaned is entirely up to you, but our most common schedules include daily, twice weekly, and once per week for higher traffic offices. Lower traffic offices may be more comfortable with a once or twice a month deep cleaning! Each space is different, but it is proven that the cleanliness of your work space has a direct effect on customers and employees. A cluttered, messy office not only makes a bad impression on visitors, it also sends a message to everyone working there that sloppiness and low standards of work are acceptable. That is why it is so important to have a regular and high-quality cleaning service to keep your office, retail space, or other commercial properties clean and tidy.  

Our Business is Your Business

We understand that having a clean and organized work environment is important for the success of every business! That is why we work hard to offer reliable and excellent service - every time! Our products are high-quality and safe. We are detailed and efficient. Our business thrives by helping yours!

COMMERCIAL Cleaning Service


We tailor cleaning services to meet your needs.

With fantastic reviews from clients all over the Greater Wichita area, you can feel secure by choosing Wichita Maid Service as your preferred cleaning service. From small offices to large commercial facilities - We can handle it! 

Mission, Vision & Values

 As a well-established, family-owned, maid service provider, Wichita Maid Service Corp. is keen to remind our employees, customers, and operatives of our humble beginnings – as a small, family run business built on the principles of honesty, reliability, and with personal relationships at the fore.


In our opinion, we always respect that each client is unique, so much so that we personalize each job. We give our customers access to custom cleaning programs here at Wichita Maid Service. If you want the sheer convenience of customization, we can devise a commercial cleaning plan that’s specific to your workplace. Our goal is to do anything and everything we can to satisfy our customers.  It’s no bother if sparkling tile floors are your top priority.  It’s no issue if your primary goal is immaculate deep cleaning each visit, either. Our professional janitors will work tirelessly to give you exactly what you need and then some.